What are my payment options?

If you have been visited by an enforcement agent and not able to pay the total amount you owe, you should speak to them about your payment options.

If not or you wish to pay the total amount you owe, you have a number of ways to pay.  

To pay online, please click here.

To pay through our 24-hour automated payment line, phone 0300 456 2773.

To speak to one of our team to make a payment, or to discuss your circumstances, phone 0333 320 2530

Our opening hours are 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm on Saturdays.

To pay by bank transfer or standing order, use the following details, and quote our reference number shown on the front of this notice to make sure we know what the payment is for.

       Sort code: 30 95 74    
       Account number: 00559407

To pay using the barcode on the front of your letter, visit any post office or other business that shows the allpay or PayPoint logo.

To pay by post, send a postal order, cheque or banker's draft, made payable to 'Rossendales', to: 

Rossendales Limited
PO Box 12019   
CM16 9EB

Make sure that you write your name and our reference number on the back of the postal order, cheque or banker's draft so we know what the payment is for.


Each payment method may vary in the number of days it takes for your money to reach our bank account as cleared funds.  Make sure you allow enough time between the date you make your payment and the date your payment is due. 

If you don't quote your reference number, we may not have enough information to update our records to show you've made payment.  

If we can’t tell which account, customer or client a payment is for, we will hold the money (called an ‘unattributed payment’) in suspense for up to 180 days. This means we won’t touch it for that time. After that time, we may keep this money. If a customer later shows us proof that they made an unattributed payment, we will apply it correctly or refund the customer.