What is an enforcement agent?

An enforcement agent has powers to enforce a court order. Court orders such as warrants, writs or liability orders are made when people owe money.  These orders give the enforcement agent certain powers to remove belongings which can be sold to raise money to pay the debt owed.

Enforcement agents are approved by the court (‘certificated’) to enforce court orders.  

It is a criminal offence to deliberately obstruct an enforcement agent when they are acting in their powers.  It is also an offence to interfere with goods that an enforcement agent has taken control of – hiding, damaging or moving goods are all types of interference.  

There are rules about how enforcement agents can behave.  These are set out in The Taking Control of Goods Regulations, which you can find here.

An enforcement agent can visit you at any time from 6am – 9pm on any weekday, including Sundays, and religious and public holidays.  They don’t have to tell you when they are going to visit.  If the court gives permission, an enforcement agent might be allowed to visit outside these times.