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A court order only applies to the person (or business) named on it.

If somebody has moved house, but their details haven’t been updated, you might receive post meant for them.  Please let us know.

Sometimes we are given the wrong information, for example someone might pretend they have moved house when they haven’t.  It’s an important part of our job to check that the information we’re being told is correct.  We’re sorry if this is a nuisance.  

If you give us proof that you live at the address, we will tell our client, and update our records.  This proof (sometimes called ‘proof of residence’) can be a copy of an up to date utility bill, tenancy agreement or council tax bill.  If it’s easier to take a photo of these on your phone and send that to us, that’s fine. 

You can email these to us at  

We will update our records, then delete or destroy the information you sent us (so please don’t send us original documents, as we can’t return these).

We have different ways of checking address information.  If our records suggest that the person named on the court order does still live at your address, or if you have the same family name as the person named on the court order, an enforcement agent will visit you.

If a business is named on the court order, and the business it still registered at your address, an enforcement agent will need to visit.