Coronavirus (COVID-19):  What it means for enforcement

We understand that the coronavirus situation affects people in different ways.  Our highly trained staff have lots of experience in helping with a range of circumstances, from individual vulnerabilities to financial difficulties.

We've also included some useful information and links further down this page.

In normal circumstances, enforcement agent visits only take place as a last resort, after our attempts to contact you have been unsuccessful.  As you might have seen, we chose to stop enforcement visits during the coronavirus emergency period, to help protect you and the people you come into contact with, as well as our staff and enforcement agents.

You can still pay the money you owe, and contact us about a payment plan if you need one, using the contact details on this website (found 
here) or on letters you've received.

Telling us about your circumstances helps us to help you.  You can send us information quickly and easily using our online form, which can be found 
here.  If the online form isn't working for any reason, or you prefer, you can also email us at

If you are having difficulties, free and independent debt advice may be able to help.  This could include advice on additional support available to you due to the coronavirus situation.  You can find contact details on letters we've sent you or by clicking